AI: An effective productivity tool is more important than ever!

AI tools designed to solve specific use-cases are now more accessible than ever. We've already seen AI models do incredible things, such as chatGPT and DallE. And it's only getting started, as major companies like Microsoft are investing billions into OpenAI and products like Notion and Github are trying to add AI to their workflows.

These tools are becoming more and more popular - productivity and Web3 bros are already jumping on the AI bandwagon. But the full capabilities of AI technology remain untapped. Companies are still in the process of finding the right Product-Market fit. Once they've achieved that, the world will look very different.

It's important to start understanding and incorporating AI into your daily life sooner rather than later. If you don't, you'll be left behind. It's not a question of if, but when. AI will make you more productive.

The question is, if you don't have the basics of a productive lifestyle in place, can you take full advantage of AI? My guess is that it may be too much to handle. With tools like Todoist and Notion, you may find yourself either too simple or too generic. Irregardless of that, to-do lists are only useful if they are a core part of your daily routine. If you don't have a workflow, your to-do list will be pointless and can even become a source of stress.

That's not the best way to succeed, which is why we need a productivity app that can help us feel more confident, learn more, accomplish more, and reduce our stress levels. But so far, we haven't seen anything like this. We build our own workflows around these tools, instead of the other way around.

A productivity tool should be an extension of you, just like a phone is an extension of you. Imagine if a more organized version of yourself was there to coach, remind, and help you on your journey.

That's why I'm building Ordently. I want to create a version of myself outside of my overwhelming, overstressed brain that can provide me with pieces of my vision and keep me as stress-free as possible. I want to create a workflow and a lifestyle that is easy and that I can trust to make sure I'm making progress in the goals I want to achieve.

PS: I was able to write this blog post and get it done because of the app.