Bringing your work productivity into your personal projects

Most people are productive enough to be getting a salary at work, but we lack that discipline in our personal lives for some reason. I want to dive in to see how we can leverage our work productivity and bring that into our personal lives.

We've all have personal projects that we tells ourselves that we will be working on soon enough, but never get to. Remember that side hustle you wanted to start? That hopeful personality in you that tells you that you can live a much healthier life? That vacation you've been meaning to plan for the longest time? That marathon you've always wanted to train for?

Never again!

Importantly, Next.js lets you choose which pre-rendering form to use for each page. You can create a "hybrid" Next.js app by using Static Generation for most pages and using Server-side Rendering for others.

I've set a personal goal for myself that I'm not going to let my personal projects slide anymore. We've all had a really hard couple of years. Its about time we learn how to do things that make us happy, healthy and live fulfilling lives.

My goal is to be able to build a productivity system that is centred around getting your personal projects up and running by looking at traits I have at work that make me successful there.

This calls for some christening! What I'm building is technically a Methodology, so lets call it - The Ordently Methodology.

Fair warning, this will also be a series of blog posts.